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Train Your Brain

From Neurology Today

Your brain shrinks as you age. In a study of 4,213 people, those you ate the most fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts had the greatest brain volume for their age.

Along with a good diet, don't forget exercising. Aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the brain and everything else.

Learn new things, dance, socialize and challenge yourself.

We can actually make new brain cells. Here's how.

1. Increase your heart rate.

2. Move in a complicated pattern. (Pat your head, rub your stomach)

3. Verbalize something difficult. (Count backwards by 3's, spell backwards.)

For example: Take a brisk walk, using your hands write in cursive states names backwards, while singing a song.

Do Jumping jacks with arms pushing front to back, counting backwards from 107 by 4's.

If you have additional ideas, let me know. I incorporate brain exercises in all of my classes.



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